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The access to the BOG-FRAN service, called later Service and using it are subject to the conditions given below and the suitable law regulations. Using Service means giving assent to the conditions given below.


Access and use of the Service
Access to Service is free.
Any advertise materials and any announcements placed in Service are valid only in Poland. Serivce is designated for private use of Polish residents. It’s forbidden to use, distribute, modify, sending or contents’ changes of www service without the written assent of BOG-FRAN, accept materials used by journalists.

Service Using
You can download the materials presented on this page only for your own, private and non-commercial purposes (it doesn’t apply to materials used by journalists), in condition that You save all information of copyrights or other information concerning reserved materials. It is not allowed to distribute, send, modify, place on any other pages neither use the contents of the pages for public and commercial purposes without any permission given by BOG-FRAN on paper. It is applied to texts and photos.

Limited responsibility
BOG-FRAN is not responsible for any direct, accidental, derivative, indirect nor any other damages nor compensations caused by the access to and using Service. BOG-FRAN does not bear for contents, confidential policy and functionality of services and/or pages that are placed in links in Service.

Sending materials, information and questions via Internet
BOG-FRAN is not responsible for any materials sent via Internet. Any information neither materials sent to BOG-FRAN are not treated as confidential and subject to legal protection and BOG-FRAN is not obliged to answer them.

By sending any data or materials via our Service You give BOG-FRAN assent to use these data and materials for any purposes including copying, radio and other transmission, publishing and sending – specially indicated forms are not included.
Sending materials that are not allowed by law and these that would cause or encourage to behave recognized as criminal or law violation is forbidden.

Personal details
Personal details such as your last name, address, phone number and e-mail address delivered us will be used in accordance with the bill of the personal details protection.

Changes of conditions and reservations
BOG-FRAN can in any time put into effect changes to present conditions by updating information place in the Legal Notice in Service..

All materials put in Service are protected by copyright. None of the placed materials cannot be copied, modified, distributed, published, loaded, shown, exhibited or presented in any other form and by using any ways, especially: electronic, mechanic, photographic, registering without the BOG-FRAN’s written assent. In particular placing any of these materials on the other server is forbidden without the written assent of BOG-FRAN.

It is allowed to use Service for private purposes, in particular showing, copying, printing and passing on materials other private persons under the condition that they won’t be modified.
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