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A few words about us

 Happy home
We know that family’s ties play an important role in every human life. Regardless of family’s size and number of generations, harmony, good understanding and cordial relationships are the most important.
Our philosophy is family’s integration – satisfying needs of each family’s member and searching the best solutions for everybody. In one word: we want that everyone would have at home his own, well guarded and private enclave, but also that he would be able to enjoy the living space where he spends time with his family.
We realize the dream that in every house all corners are friendly. We make furniture for all happy people to make them more happy.

 Friendly furniture
Our furniture are friendly of many reasons. They are beautiful and functional. We offer a wide choice of various styles to satisfy completely different tastes. We suits many people with distinct demands. We are all united in one: we care that a flat would be a source of joy every day.

Furniture are designed in such way that everyone would be their architect by himself.
We choose from given system not only segments that we need. We have an influence on their look and also price. Buying furniture have never been so easy.

Free choice of the best prices
The BOGFRAN furniture are first of all a nice surprise for a home budget: it shouldn’t be spent any fortune to fit the whole house. Thanks to products’ price range as many as people allow to have them.
Our unusual offer proves that pretty, solid and practical furniture has not be expensive at all.
3x „E”.
We find new ideas for “economic, aesthetic and ergonomic” furniture.
The image our furniture is made by the knowledge of materials perfect application in combination with creativity.
On every step of production we minimize costs. We profit deliverers that are good and not expensive, and also we still develop our technological back, which already is
Besides we make furniture on a large scale for enormous number of recipients.
What the quality of BOGFRAN is distinguished by?
We care not only about each client’s comfort but also about his mood.
We guess Polish family’s needs and we meet them half way. A flat should enjoy in every aspect. With us it is possible. We offer everything what gives satisfaction: the possibility of making own choices, trendy style, good quality and low prices.

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